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The award-winning documentary “West by Orphan Train” was released in December 2014, with initial broadcast on PBS affiliate, Iowa Public Television. The national release of the film, which won a regional Emmy award, was via Amazon Prime. The DVD is available for purchase. (See below about public screening rights).

Want to show our documentary at a school, library or other organization?

As of June 10, 2015, DVDs purchased at our $50 rate come with limited public performance rights for schools, libraries and other organizations wanting to show the documentary, West by Orphan Train. To purchase for this purpose, please email us or call at the below number.

Schools are granted limited public performance rights based on the following criteria: The showings are limited to face-to-face teaching situations and limited to students who are enrolled in a class, the instructor is present, and the screening is an integral part of the classroom session. The video may be screened by a public group, for educational purposes, when no admission is charged for the viewing.

This does not give the right to transmit on a closed-circuit system within a building or single campus. Your purchase does not permit you to duplicate or alter the program for any purpose, to distribute the program through any wide access network (internet, open cable, open broadcast, LAN, satellite, telco, etc.), or to digitize, encode and/or place the program on a digital server.

If you would like to use the film in a situation where donations are taken or admission is charged, please request permission via email or by calling 515 834-2080 for more information.


Colleen Bradford Krantz

Colleen Bradford Krantz, director and co-producer

Colleen Bradford Krantz, director, co-producer/co-writer

Colleen Bradford Krantz directed, co-produced and co-wrote “West by Orphan Train.” Krantz, a journalist, also wrote and co-produced the 2010 film, “Train to Nowhere; Inside an Immigrant Death Investigation,” which was based on her book of the same name. Krantz spent a decade as a newspaper reporter before shifting to the book and documentary world. She also created the News Tutor app and videos to help news consumers be more discerning viewers and readers. She can be reached at Colleen (at) BradfordKrantz (dot) com.

Clark Kidder

Clark Kidder, co-producer/writer

Clark Kidder,

“West by Orphan Train” is partially based on a book by author Clark Kidder, who told the true story of his grandmother’s journey to Iowa as a child. The book, “Emily’s Story: The Brave Journey of an Orphan Train Rider,” chronicles the experiences of Emily Reese Kidder as she left a New York City orphanage and rode west to unfamiliar and seemingly wide open country.
Kidder served as co-writer and co-producer of “West by Orphan Train.” He can be reached at cokidder (at) hotmail (dot) com.